Saturday 23rd September – Birr and Daingean


This trip will take us to Co. Offaly for a full tour of Birr Castle and Demesne. Birr Castle dates from 1620 and is a private home.


The grounds are famous for their magnificent gardens set around a lake and the tallest box hedge in the world standing 12 metres high and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.


We will also view what was once the largest telescope in the world in the Castle Grounds.

The giant 72 inch reflecting telescope was built in 1845 and for 75 years remained the largest ever built; it could see 10 million light years into space, more about this on the day.


When we leave Birr castle we will proceed to Daingean to visit the grave of Fr. Andrew Mullen who was curate priest in Clonmore parish, County Carlow in 1818.

After nearly 200 years after his death at the age of 28, devotion to Fr. Mullen has remained undiminished.


Fr. Mullen’s grave in the old graveyard outside Daingean town is a place of constant prayer. To this day people seeking cures for illnesses spend time praying at this grave.

Fr. Dempsey a native of Daingean wrote a book called “a light from the grave”. When Fr. Mullen died at the age of 28 in 1818, he was laid to rest in what is now the old graveyard in Clonmore.


People from Daingean removed his body and returned it to Daingean. Upon removing Fr. Mullen’s body five weeks after his death, it emerged that his corpse had not decomposed which was taken as a sign he had gone straight to heaven.


A large number of people have claimed cures received by removing a small piece of clay from his grave. More about the history of this remarkable young priest on the day of our visit to Daingean.


Cost €70pp


Your tour includes

• Coach transportation

• Dinner

• Entry fee to Birr Castle

• Tour to Daingean




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